headstone saddle The question of what is a headstone saddle isn’t as easy to answer as one might think because the term can be used to describe two different items, and those items each have several other names they go by. In general, the term is used to describe flower arrangements that sit on top of an upright headstone.

Where it gets a bit confusing is some people use the term saddle to describe the metal bracket that holds the flower arrangement to the top of the stone. The metal brackets are shaped like a saddle and sits on top of the stone like a regular saddle would sit on the back of a horse.

However, other people use the term saddle to describe the flower arrangement, itself. When they say they’re looking for a headstone saddle, they don’t just want the metal bracket; they want to have a flower arrangement already built on top of it.

To save confusion between the two, we typically refer to the metal frame as the saddle, and the whole arrangement as a headstone saddle arrangement.

The other bit of confusion is that the product we describe as a headstone saddle arrangement is also known by other terms. Some people refer to them as headstone sprays, and some will use the term headstone topper.

Taking it a bit further, there are many different terms for headstones, such as tombstones, grave markers, monuments, memorials, keystones, and gravestones.

If you combine the various terms, you come up with dozens of permutations, such as tombstone topper, monument saddle, and memorial spray.

Regardless of the term you use for these cemetery flower arrangements, you should understand that the saddle has a limited ability to keep the arrangement secured to the top of the stone. High winds will blow your arrangement off.

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