Most cemetery wreathes are displayed on a rickety tripod next to, or in front of, the headstone. There are two problems with this method. First of all, unless you have a more substantial (i.e. expensive) tripod embedded well into the ground, and secured to the tripod in some fashion, it’s likely to be blown away. If it doesn’t get blown away in the wind, it’s highly likely that the cemetery grounds crew will remove it the next time they come by to mow.

If you want to make sure your wreath stays around for a long period of time, you should attach it to the headstone. This will avoid the mower issue all together, and if attached properly, won’t blow away in the wind. In addition to protecting your wreath, it is completely hidden behind the wreath. Below are step by step instructions on how to do this, and have it look great. *Note – There are various hook and clamp type devices on the market, but this method works on any size headstone, and is completely hidden, so there’s no unsightly hanging device showing.

How to Attach a Wreath to a Headstone

Step 1: Buy a Headstone Flower Anchor (or two if you want to make it extra secure…especially in high wind areas).

headstone wreath anchor Step 2: Pick the spot on the stone where you want to top of the wreath to be, and clean the area well. Use an alcohol swab to clean it, followed by a clean rag to make sure it’s dry. Do the same for the bottom of the wreath, if you’re using two anchors.

Step 3: Locate the center top point of the wreath. If there is a solid place to clip the flower anchor to the wreath underneath that point, make a note of that spot. If not, one can be created by wrapping a zip tie around the wreath at the top, center point.

Step 4: Peel the backing off the 3M tape on the bottom of the anchor(s) and firmly press them onto the stone in their predetermined locations. *Make sure to place the anchor(s) in the correct location because once it’s attached to the stone, you won’t be able to move it.

Step 5: Clip the anchor to the back of the wreath in the spot you earlier chose as the center top location in step three.

That’s all there is to it. It’s a simple process that can be done in a couple minutes. Once the wreath is secured with the anchors, you can rest assured it will be safe, and beautifully displayed, for quite some time.

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