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Are you tired of buying expensive headstone flower arrangements only to find them gone the next time you visit the cemetery? This unique device will solve the problem.

This easy to use headstone flower anchor adheres to the top of the stone, and then clips to the bottom of the arrangement, keeping it tethered to the stone.

Once attached, the flower arrangement sets back down on the stone completely hiding the anchor from view. This is a MUCH more attractive option than using wire, duct tape, or even fishing line. Plus it only takes a few seconds to install.

The headstone flower anchor also allows you to change out arrangements anytime you want by simply unclipping the current flowers, and then clipping the new ones on.

If you happen to live in an area that is known for cemetery flower thefts, the anchor provides a level of protection. With the flowers attached to the stone, a thief can’t simply grab the arrangement and run off. Unless they take the time to look underneath and figure out how to unclip the arrangement, they will just look for an easier target.

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FlowerAnchor How it helps

  • foto Stands up to High Winds How many times have you bought a beautiful saddle arrangement, placed it on top of a loved one's headstone, only to never see it again? More often than not, the wind blew it off the stone. This anchor solves the problem.
  • foto Deters Theft Other than wind, the next most likely cause of disappearing flower arrangements are thieves or vandals. Since the anchor is hidden once installed, a would-be perpetrator won't be able to easily take your flowers. Most will just move on to an easier target.
  • foto Easy to Change Arrangements Once attached to the stone, you can easily change arrangements either seasonally, or as arrangements fade over time. All you do is unclip the old, and clip on the new.

Save Money

Beautiful headstone saddle and spray arrangements aren’t cheap. This anchor will help protect your investment by holding it securely to the monument.

Save Time

This anchor only takes seconds to install, and seconds to change arrangements. No more wasting time on elaborate and unattractive methods of securing them.

FlowerAnchor Simple Installation Instructions

1) Clean the Surface
Make sure the spot onthe stone where you want to attach the anchor is clean and dry.
2) Remove Backing
Peel of the backing from the VHB tape located on the bottom of the anchor.
3) Press on Anchor
Plcae the anchor on the stone and apply generous pressure for a few seconds.
4) Line up the Arrangement
Locate the floral arrangement directly over the adhered anchor.
5) Clip it On
Attach the small clip to the wire saddle beneath the floral arrangement.
6) Set it Down
Lower the flower arrangment flush on to the stone.

FlowerAnchor Testimonials

FlowerAnchor ABOUT

Having relatives buried in cemeteries that experience high winds on a regular basis, we were always trying to come up with better ways to secure our flower arrangements to the top of the stone. Most of the methods were cumbersome, time consuming, and ultimately looked bad…until we came up with this easy to use and inexpensive headstone flower anchor.


We believe this anchor is the ultimate method of securing flower arrangements to headstones, and our customers agree!

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